Date: Thu Feb 8 09:47:20 2007

Author: Sam Sampere

Subject: Re: Defibrillators

Didn't you ever watch Emergency? Oh, you're too young to remember that
show. They always squirt some gel on a paddle and rub the paddles
together to distribute the gel. That gel makes good electrical contact
with the skin.

Once you do that, your water/ion-filled cells in your body, including
your heart, can conduct.


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Ok, perhaps I asked the question poorly. I don't want to know how the
device works, exactly, I want to know how the current is transported
through the body. That's the conductor? What makes the circuit?
Obviously, it has to be more than the skin. Or, is it an induction


On 2/7/2007 8:02 PM, Wallin, Stephen R wrote:
> Here's another 4th ventricle
> complete with its own Purkinje cells
> These cells are neurological pacesetters.
> Its unproven, but tasers in some cases could interfere in a
> anti-defibrillating way.
> Stephen
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> cablem wrote:
>> Does anyone know the science behind defibs? Do they work by the
>> conduction of electricity between the paddles or do they work by
>> induction where the mag field penetrates the skin? I've heard that
> skin
>> is a pretty good the first might be possible if the V
> and
>> I are high enough to overcome the resistance. But, the second might
>> work, too. Or a combination...
>> So, how do they work?
> Nice write up in Wikipedia:
> The quick and dirty: discharge a Capacitor (DC) though the chest to
> the heart from ventricular fibrillation, i.e. twitching
> Vacek

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