Date: Wed Feb 7 13:53:25 2007

Author: Sam Sampere

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Perhaps overall averages have not drifted too much. But see if you can
find some graphs plotting average high and average low temps, and also
the average time between some fixed high temperature (I'll explain that
in a bit).

What you'll find, at least what I've seen, is that while the average
highs haven't drifted too much, the average lows have been creeping up
leaps and bounds since the 70s (or 60s? don't remember).

You'll also see that the highs have been staying warmer for longer
intervals, i.e. the colder periods of the year are growing shorter and
shorter. I think that was plotted as the mean time between x
temperature, where x was some arbitrarily chosen cold temperature that
seemed significant.

If any of you were at the AAPT meeting in Anchorage, there were some
very interesting and disturbing sessions on global warming, with tons of
data from various regions in Alaska. Search the AAPT website for some of
these abstracts.


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Actually if you look at the data from the Antarctic it would seem that
has stayed pretty stable overall--with coastal regions showing some
temperature increase and interior regions showing some decrease. I
did a
Google search on Antarctic Temperature Change and the first article up
details this.


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> Here's a question that I don't know the answer to. We've all heard of
> the arctic ice disappearing, same for the Antarctic. The temp data in
> Alaska is quite alarming and clearly shows a temperature increase.
> Are there any places on this planet that clearly show an average
> or zero change?
> Thanks,
> Sam
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> I left out an important NOT.
> "Global" anything means citing evidence world-wide and NOT selecting
> areas of the world that support a particular viewpoint.
> John Hubisz