Date: Wed Feb 7 08:52:02 2007

Author: Sam Sampere

Subject: Re: CO2 demo (was) List conversations. Please Read.

It's a FLIR Thermacam E25.

I got it refurbished for about $13,000, but I had a grant to pay for it.
I couldn't justify department funds for that gizmo alone, although, now
that I have one, I probably could.

I know you're in Switzerland, but the news here a month ago was about
all the unopen ski resorts in Austria. I'm guessing it was like that in
all of Europe.

Oswego, a small city about a 30 minute drive from Syracuse has been
pounded with several feet, sorry, maybe 1.5 m, of snow these last few
days. They had bragging rights and made the national news today.


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Thanks for the arbitrator type word. I do envy you for the FIR
though. Which type is and how much was it? I would definitely try the
Wolf balloons, if it works it's a really nice greenhouse effect demo.
Somehow suitably expensive thus very much according to the complexity
about this topic. Anyway in order not to get whacked by Sam's knuckle
ruler I won't get more into this any longer here.

BTW: I am in Switzerland, neither in Austria nor Australia ;-). Well
the mountains have finally gotten some snow but it's still not to the
extent you can call it a real winter in the traditional sense. It may
be seen as a simple mood of nature but metrologists keep telling that
the weather is definitely too mild for the season.

Regards and all


Urs Lauterburg
Physics demonstrator
Physikalisches Institut
University of Bern

>Hi Urs, et al,
>If it's a demo, go for it! I don't mind a bit of the other stuff. I
>admit, I tune out most of the ramblings, though, and personally, I
>think those are in the spirit of this list - hence, Ed's list to the
>rescue! Thanks!
>I think a couple (Karl and Doug, hold out your hands so I can your
>knuckles with a ruler!) came down a bit hard on Keith, and he's too
>upset to even respond. I know he's sobbing in his office right this
>instant! I didn't think Keith was taking a stand on either side, he was
>simply stating that his thoughts were to keep these kinds of
>conversations, topics which we cannot and will not solve, off the list.
>About the FLIR - I got a grant to purchase the camera. It's an amazing
>device. Kids love this gadget! I use it for demos and outreach, and
>watching kids use this in the mall is a riot! Hold up a piece of
>Styrofoam and it's some uniform (false) color. Hold your hand on it for
>a few seconds and remove it, and your 'handprint' is visible on the
>screen, even though you can't see it. Just cool. Or is it warm?? Do the
>same on a piece of paper, and you can watch your handprint disappear.
>I'm going to go fill a clear balloon with some CO2. thanks for that
>suggestion, Wolf.
>Are the ski resorts open over in Austria yet, Urs? They've been open
>here for about 3 weeks now.
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>Subject: Re: [tap-l] CO2 demo (was) List conversations. Please Read.
>Wow Sam,
>Lucky you to have one of those. I would love to have one of the new
>FIR infrared cameras but my departement could so far not afford it.
>Therefore for showing the world in infrared I have to use a rather
>ancient, bulky AGA-Thermovision camera which used to be state of the
>art long ago and which has to be cooled with LN. The pictures are
>displayed on a small monitor in a rather low resolution way. I like
>the resolution and the false color thermal images of today's FIR type
>cameras though.
>With you taking as stand for prohibiting free speech on tap-l, I hope
>you still think it's OK to show the infrared absorption of CO2 in a
>demo right? I hope so. I think tap-l can handle a certain amount of
>religion/politics/philosophy besides the hard fact arguments and
>information about physics demos and labs.
>and all
>Urs Lauterburg
>Physics demonstration
>Physikalisches Institut
>University of Bern
>>I'll have to check it out with my FLIR camera.