Date: Tue Nov 7 13:16:16 2006

Author: Douglas Johnson

Subject: Re: FW: Air Table


If the air table in question is for collisions, we had one that
was 4 foot square and about 5" thick. I think Eberline made the one
we had. Anyway, after 20 years of non-use, we got rid of it. It was
very difficult to use, hard to setup, hard to store, very heavy to
lift, very easy to damage, and no one liked using it. It has been
gone for several years now and no one has even asked where it went.
I personally would never recommend it for labs, the lab would have
to be very big to handle even six setups. The noise from the blowers
would drive the students crazy after the first few minutes. It was a
very expensive item, we hated to let it go only for that one reason.

Sorry for the negative review. ...Doug J.

>Hi all,
>A mechanical engineering professor wrote to me asking about
>air-tables (see the attached message). I haven't used one in years,
>so any suggestions are appreciated.
>Patrick Robbins
>Physics Laboratory Manager
>Seattle University
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>From: Mason, Greg
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>To: Robbins, Patrick
>Subject: Air Table
>I'm looking to purchase an air-table for some sophomore dynamics
>experiments. Does the physics department have any experience with
>commercial tables or have any recommendations?
>Greg Mason, PhD, PE
>Associate Professor
>Mechanical Engineering
>Seattle University
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