Date: Fri Nov 3 15:44:51 2006

Author: Wallin, Stephen R

Subject: Re: Magnetizing Old Bar Magnets

I wonder if that's the same Stooges crew that reversed the red and black
jumper cable handles. Where's the binary quality control? ~Stephen

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The magnetizer we bought from Sgt Welch many years ago was reversed.
We relabeled it and went on.

> A few years ago we obtained a magnetizer from ETP (Elector-Technic
> Products), but the polarity was reversed. When I called them, they
> me that they set it up so that the "North" pole on the magnets they
> created was the same as the "North" pole of the earth. Further, when
> explained the issue to them, they said that they had no intention of
> changing. Of course, we corrected the wiring in the magnetizers. Has
> anyone else had experience with these guys?
> Dick
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