Date: Fri Nov 3 13:53:23 2006

Author: Douglas Johnson

Subject: Re: Magnetizing Old Bar Magnets

I was trying to figure out why our recharger never had a magnet come
out of it with a reverse polarity... Well, I just looked at it
closer and notice a large diode was attached to the coil... Mystery
solved! ....Doug J.

>We use a strip of foil on our magnet recharger as well. You can see
>it at the website address below. It works fine, but since we made
>this device, it has been used very little. Right now we use a
>fairly large neodymium magnet to recharge our old bar magnets, by
>sliding the neodymium magnet down the length of the bar magnet. It
>is fast and easy and does a great job!
>... Doug J.