Date: Thu Nov 30 15:25:28 2006 Back to Contents

Author: Steve Wonnell

Subject: Rocket propulsion with Sparklers


Hi, all.

We tried out Paul Gluck's "Rocket Propulsion with Sparklers" (The Physics
Teacher, Sept. 06 vol 44 pp 336-7) using some left-over fourth of July
sparklers. It worked pretty well. Thanks, Paul, for the idea.

It appears to work on an asymmetry in the sparkler's make-up,
with the sparks coming off not at 90 degrees to the stalk, but
at a larger angle.

A faculty member who did this out in the hall for as part
of a demo exhibit said it worked so well, the fire department
came to see it. :)

My question is, what PIRA number is assigned to this demo?


Steve W.

From Thu Nov 30 15:25:28 2006