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Author: Steve Anderson

Subject: Re: |~[Coated bricks]~|

I use the old fashioned water-based brown packing tape (with
filaments in it).
This wraps over lead bricks and seals them for handling, where paint
always comes off.
It might work for regular bricks, too. You just wrap it like a present.

the tool dip is good, but it comes off easily on corners, is
expensive, hard to apply, has to cure, etc.

steve anderson
SSU Physics & Astronomy

On Nov 30, 2006, at 9:23 AM, Wallin, Stephen R wrote:

> Tell about experience with plastic or rubber coated bricks in the lab.
> Duct taping doesn't last more than a couple years at a time. one
> company
> that I found is
> Stephen

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