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Author: cablem

Subject: Re: find pi with frozen hot dogs

I'm SO recommending that we try this for conceptual physics. I wonder if
it works as well as it says it does?


On 11/29/2006 8:40 PM, Gavrin, Andrew D. wrote:
> All -
> I spotted this on Google (while doing something unrelated). Thought
> you might enjoy.
> - Andy

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"Get Fuzzy"

Bucky, the arrogant cat: Aaaaaaaa!

Rob, the geeky owner: 11:55. Right on time for his nightly freakout.

Satchet, the lovable dog: Ever notice how he runs circles in the same direction?

Buckey: Yaaaaaaaa!

Rob: Maybe the coriolis effect works on cats, too, eh?

Satchet: Ha, ha! I have NO idea what that means!

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