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Author: Martin Simon

Subject: Re: An Inconvenient Truth

Here's one of my problems with the statements. The amount of CO2 in
the atmosphere
is not simply the amount that is pumped in by mankind and other
sources. There are also
sinks for CO2, mainly the oceans dissolve a huge amount. There is
an equilibrium
between what's in the atmosphere and what is in the ocean. Pump more
in the atmosphere,
more gets dissolved. Raise the surface temperature of the water,
more CO2 pours out of the
ocean into the atmosphere. If the sinking action is adequate,
equilibrium is maintained and
no big deal. If the oceans disgorge CO2 and that further warms the
oceans to disgorge more
CO2, then we have a positive feedback which runs away. Looking at
the temperature vs CO2
record, it always seemed to me that the CO2 lagged the temperature,
not lead it, but this is not
totally clear. There are real questions are about the carbon
cycle. Last I read, at least 30% of
the carbon cycle is not accounted for. If more carbon in the
atmosphere leads naturally to more
sequestered, then there is negative feedback, not positive. Other
things can also lead to negative
feedback, such as warming leading to more cloud cover reflecting
more heat from the sun. If we
are in a positive feedback warming, nothing proposed so far will have
much effect. I say all that
without yet having seen the movie so possibly it's all explained there.

Martin Simon

At 07:08 AM 11/29/2006, you wrote:
>Which part of the following statements is in question?
>"CO2 is a green house gas. Increases in greenhouse gases in the
>atmosphere increase the average temperature of the earth. The
>amount of CO2 in the atmosphere has risen sharply in the last 100
>years due to actions by mankind."
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