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Author: Chuck Patten

Subject: Re: An Inconvenient Truth

As you mention, "If you have already committed to a political stand"...

Living just outside of Seattle where we are experiencing the coldest
temperatures ever recorded in this area, "Global Warming" seems a far
fetched idea, indeed! Let us consider that the next ice age may well be
caused by 'well intentioned, but scientifically bereft, environmentalists"
who 'clean up' the environment to the point where we don't have enough
particulate matter in the sky to keep the planet warm enough to offset the
next glacial cycle.


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Global warming is an upward trend in an otherwise well documented
oscillatory behavior. Regardless of the cause, or any possible solution,
people are suffering. If you have already committed to a political stand
that it does not exist, then the following article will merely annoy...

Regarding its pertinence to this listserve, Stefan's Radiation law plays
well to end the Heat chapters and visible light converted to infrared and
then not passing the ionosphere serves as a good introduction to Waves and
their interaction with matter. Karl (Physics is *all* there is...)

"Around Habiba Hassan's home no one can remember a drought this severe....
Hers is just one of the African voices in a searing report on the danger
that the changing climate poses to the continent, published tomorrow by 22
British environment and development charities, pressure groups and academic
institutes. It shows that the world's poorest continent -- the continent
least able to cope with the impact of climate change -- is the most
vulnerable to its effects."
Full text below.

Up in Smoke: The African Apocalypse

By Geoffrey Lean, The Independent UK. Posted November 24, 2006.

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