Date: Sat Nov 25 12:35:31 2006

Author: Wallin, Stephen R

Subject: Re: The Inconvenient Truth

It is interesting to look at geologic strata and see that there have
been many climatic changes in the past. ~Stephen

If you like to individually discuss climatic effects, here is a local
retired physics prof is into those things:
Engage Howard at A pun quote--
"In an upcoming documendacity on global warming, the Canadian Broadcast
System says the following: 'It is a true planetary emergency.' - (Al
Gore); ...scientific issue has become a rhetorical firestorm with
science pitted against spin ...a clear consensus among scientists and
others that the earth's climate is changing... The Denial Machine
follows the money trail from the big oil and coal industries that
produce the fossil fuels we burn to a small but powerful group of
scientists who claim global warming is scientific fraud."