Date: Tue Nov 21 09:25:37 2006

Author: Roger Key

Subject: Re: horizontal oscillator

Thanks Wolfgang, I appreciate all the ideas, but I've proposed these in
years past and none of them were close enough to the textbook
illustration to satisfy.
The closest was the bedspring, but doesn't work with the classic
horizontal oscillator with a long enough period - perhaps I just havn't
found the right spring.

For the slinky idea, tried that too years ago and it droops too much - I
had an idea to run something like a welding rod down the middle of a
spring (slinky) to hold it up, because whenever I find a spring that is
partly extended in the relaxed position, it droops too much to be of
use. Maybe I've not found the right slinky?

(my earliest previous comment was tongue-in-cheek as some of my most
challenging requests have come from experimentalists too!)

Thanks for all the ideas .....

Roger Key

Wolfgang Rueckner wrote:
> On Nov 20, 2006, at 6:14 PM, Roger Key wrote:
>> It's like the requests we always get from new faculty that want a
>> horizontal spring (like the illustration in the textbooks) that will
>> work under both tension and compression to show oscillations.
>> Has anyone mastered that demo yet? I'd love to see it.
>> Rk
>> best wishes to all this holiday season!
> Stretch a short length of a metal slinky so that its coils are
> separated about 1/2" when in its neutral equilibrium state. Attach
> one end to an air-track glider and the other end to the air track
> end-post. -- Wolfgang