Date: Mon Nov 20 18:11:36 2006

Author: Roger Key

Subject: Re: Interferometer

It's like the requests we always get from new faculty that want a
horizontal spring (like the illustration in the textbooks) that will
work under both tension and compression to show oscillations.

Has anyone mastered that demo yet? I'd love to see it.


best wishes to all this holiday season!

Douglas Johnson wrote:
> Has anyone on Tap-L seen this before? I haven't. ...Doug J.
>> Cliff:
>> is he a theorist?
>> Roger
>> Cliff Bettis wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> A faculty member wants me to set up a Michelson interferometer.
>>> That's no problem but he wants it so no light is visible at minimum
>>> and then when you block either beam you see light. So far, as close
>>> as I have come is about a 5 to ratio in intensity between max and
>>> min. I am using a green laser with no divergence added, a
>>> compensator plate , an optical table and am as near to equal paths
>>> as I think I can get. The set up is also very sensitive to breath
>>> and the heat of my hand.
>>> Does anyone have any advice? I am thinking he is asking for a lot
>>> from a classroom demo although I am willing to try.
>>> Cliff