Date: Fri Nov 17 14:09:21 2006

Author: Cudnik,Brian

Subject: Re: cleaning out water resonance columns

Our main problem is with leaks that have developed in most of the units
that we have. The crud seems to be forming in ours as well. Has anyone
had problems with leaks and if so, how were you able to fix them, if at

A while back, someone asked about going to the AAPT meeting in January.
I am going, and would like to know if PIRA has any activities planned
for this meeting or if any of you are going.

Thanks...Brian Cudnik
Lab Manager, Dept. of Physics
Prairie View A&M University

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Subject: Re: [tap-l] cleaning out water resonance columns

I use deionized water from the Chem lab :)

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Subject: [tap-l] cleaning out water resonance columns
Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2006 11:35:26 -0600


We got a set of the 1 meter long glass tubes with the drain
fitting at
the bottom that we use to show the resonance of a particular sound
frequency. (You drain or fill the water in the tube, changing the
length of
the air column.) Our problem is that after a couple of uses, we always

seem to wind up with gunk in the settling into the bottom of the tube,
almost completely blocks the drain. That really slows the rate at which
can change the water column and makes for a frustrating lab. Cleaning

them out with a brush has been painful in the past and they gunk up
quickly, even when we use DI water.

Any of you old pros got a tip for me? How to clean them or how to
them from gunking up? Anyone else had any experience with these?

I'm thinking of walking them over the auto shop (the advantage of
a community college) and seeing if I can blow up the tubing and the tube
at once.


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