Date: Wed Nov 15 10:09:58 2006

Author: Andrew Dougherty

Subject: Re: Mercury Thermometer

On Wed, 15 Nov 2006, Papp, James J wrote:

> Good morning,
> Yeah - if you can cause all the mercury to withdraw into the reservoir,
> the problem will be solved. Perhaps LiNo? (I recommend against
> immersion however, as I used to wait tables ;)

Mercury freezes around -38.8 C, so you don't need liquid nitrogen. A good
chiller or dry ice in an alcohol bath can take you down cold enough with
much less chance of shattering anything.

Of course it still might not help, depending on how the thermometer is
designed, as others have already noted.

Andy Dougherty
Dept. of Physics
Lafayette College, Easton PA 18042