Date: Wed Nov 8 23:14:48 2006

Author: cablem

Subject: Re: Gradebook question

I spent a few hours creating an excel spreadsheet, then I password
protected everything I didn't want to have changed by someone else. I
send it to all the TAs as a template and inform them that it would make
me very happy and much nicer to be around if they use my template. LOL

If you'd like a copy, I'm happy to send it off list. I'll try to
remember to pass protect it with something memorable.


On 11/8/2006 3:23 PM, Dan Beeker wrote:
> Fellow tap-l members,
> I don't know if anyone can help here. I must track lab grades for four or
> five service courses, most of which have hundreds of students and multiple
> sections (each with a different lab instructor). In the past we used an
> homegrown online course management system that had an almost manageable
> gradebook. Lab Instructors had their own course area online where they
> entered lab grades. On a weekly basis (or as time permitted) I would
> download the grades, combine them into a master roster, calculate current
> grades and repost back to the lab sections and the lecture section. Takes me
> four to five hours to do all this. That's a wad of time but not so bad
> considering the numbers involved. Unfortunately the online course management
> system is being "upgraded" to a system that does not allow uploading and
> downloading of grades (what were they thinking?). So I either abandon my
> efforts to keep students, instructors and course professors informed or I
> find something to replace the old system. I have searched the web and find
> lots of gradebooks but none seem to address the issues of multiple section
> courses without involving the registrar and the university's record keeping
> system in some way. Is anyone using a secure, manageable gradebook system
> that really works for a multiple section courses on a departmental basis? I
> am open to suggestions.
> Dan
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