Date: Sat, 28 Jan 2006 16:28:46 +0100

Author: Urs Lauterburg

Subject: Re: Outreach vehicle

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Jerry and Karl,

Strange indeed I got Karl's (actually the last mail in a row) first
today early morning of the 28th January 2006 at 00:46 followed by my
own post later at 07:35 and finally Jerry's response to my original
mail. Something with tap-l has really turned fishy and most possibly
moving to a new server will solve the problem. As I mentioned before,
I participate at mail groups which operate much faster.

However, thanks Jerry for the explanation of a ''welldigger'', a
therm which makes complete sense now. Digging a well which spurts out
natural resources is most likely much more profitable then
demonstrating physics though. But there are nevertheless some
parallels because the kids we educate should be the ones that
generate the know-how to run a profitable and prospering society. So
in a way we are digging wells of knowledge that offers the
possibility to solve practical problems we can charge customers for.

Anyway I would like to thank Andy for the years of running tap-l
which I find to be a great service for exchanging and gaining
knowledge among us rare species of physics demonstrators ad educators.

Thanks to all and regards


Urs Lauterburg
Physics demonstrator
Physikalisches Institut
University of Bern

>...and then Jerry settled for a good paying
>Quoting Jerry Hester :
>>A well digger is a person who drills, digs, or otherwise makes holes in
>>the ground to access oil, gas, water, etc.
>>The statement is: "It was colder than a Welldigger's backside" in
>>polite language.
>>This is generally outside work with little or no protection from
>>the elements.
>>I spent many years drilling oil and gas wells in Kansas, Colorado, and
>>There were definitely way too many occasions when my backside felt this cold.
>>Jerry H.
>>At 07:30 PM 1/27/2006 +0100, you wrote:
>>>What's a ''welldigger'' ?
>>>>Jerry, the Volcano was quiescent while I was there. No flights
>>>>were allowed out there because of the possibilty of engins damage.
>>>> I did take a boat ride from Seward, with Marsha Hobbs for you
>>>>old timers who know her.
>>>> I was hoping I might get some good pictures alas no such luck.
>>>> Zig
>>>>Jerry DiMarco wrote:
>>>>> Was the Augustine volcano erupting while you were there?
>>>>>Now there's a great demo...
>>>>>At 02:22 PM 1/25/2006, you wrote:
>>>>>>TAPLERS All, it was MINUS 23 at 03:00am when I flew out of
>>>>>>Anchorage this morning.
>>>>>> What was that a about a "welldigger", its true Boss, its
>>>>>> Thanks to all of you for your support. Zig
>>>>>Jerry DiMarco
>>>>>Manager of Lecture Demonstrations and Instructional Labs
>>>>>Montana State Univ., Physics Dept.
>>>>>Bozeman, MT
>>>>>Our Motto: "There's a demo in there somewhere."
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>>>>the night to do violence to those who would do us harm"
>>>> -- George Orwell
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>>>>men do nothing!"
>>>> -- Edmund Burke