Date: Tue, 1 Nov 2005 09:37:10 -0600

Author: Stan Dodds

Subject: Re: Gadolinium


Goodfellow is convenient for small amounts, but tends to be pricey.

Alfa Aesar, a standard chemical supplier, lists 50 gm for $207, only
slightly better. Research Chemicals, of Phoeniz, Arizona, used to be a
primary refiner and had the lowest prices, but I can't find them on the
web at the moment. You might also look at,
which claims to be a refiner but doesn't quote on the web page.

Happy hunting.


On Nov 1, 2005, at 8:28 AM, Gerald Zani wrote:

> Tappers,
> I'm researching the purchase of Gadolinium in either lump, rod or wire
> form. It has a very low Curie point (see PIRA 5G50.40), even lower
> than Nickel (PIRA 5G50.15) .
> I checked Goodfellow and they want $500 for 100 gm of 99.9% purity
> which is more than I want to spend. I'm hoping to get it for much
> less cost.
> Does someone on tap-l know where I can get Gadolinium for a good price?
> Your help would be appreciated.
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