Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2005 10:14:39 -0600


Subject: specs for blower used on air tracks


Dear Tappers--

We are trying to implement a new blower system to use in
supplying air to 10ea 2.2 meter air tracks in a lab. This would be one
single blower system, running hoses to all the air tracks.

Does this sound do-able? Any spec suggestions? Does anyone
do this already? Plus or minus to this idea.

At the present time, we use a single blower (Pasco type) for each set of
2 air tracks. This is the type that can be adjusted (for amount
of air output). Works ok, but some people want to consolidate
all the blowers (to one big blower in the corner of the lab room).

My concerns:
-if the single blower goes out, _all_ the blowers are out of service
-need a lot of _air_ for these 10 tracks to operate
-takes a lot of valuable space in the lab room
-noise level

Thanks in advance for your responses.
Santos Ramirez
TAMU-Physics Dept
College Station, TX USA

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