Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2005 15:50:40 -0400

Author: David Maiullo

Subject: Re: radiometer


Hi Sammie,

I suggest you read the explanation from the University of Maryland web
site , i.e, Dick Berg's ideas on this, and it will become pretty clear
this is tough to do.

I investigated doing this a long time ago, and had looked up and read
the Neher, "Light-Pressure Tube", AJP 29, 666-668 (1961) article that
Dick references, and he explains just how good a vacumn you need for
this. I was never able to replicate it, but maybe you can.


PS Dick, congrats on working with the French Embassy! Way cool! Good
luck with the show tomorrow.

sampere wrote:

> Anybody evacuate an electrometer and shine light on it to show the
> momentum of light? Is this possible with these simple radiometers, or
> do you need more elaborate apparatus?
> Thanks,
> Sam
From Wed Oct 26 16:24:01 2005