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Subject: Re: VDG trips breaker



This has not happened to us.
You may want to check the wiring of the outlet, to make sure it has a
proper ground, and to see if the "hot" and "cold" sides are wired
up correctly. Not sure if these would cause it, but a place to start

THe VDG do not always have a separate ground wire so we added one
(to the case) and connect the wire to the ground of the building.
Will still shock you if you are not careful.


Quoting Jerry DiMarco :

> Tappers,
> A couple weeks ago an instructor was demonstrating a VDG, and when he
> drew a spark with the wand, the outlet strip it was plugged into began to
> smoke and the breaker tripped. He was able to reset the breaker and use
> another outlet. Looking at the outlet afterward (a Wiremold 2127G), there
> was no obvious short or other defect. It just appears that it arced from
> hot to ground. Has this happened to anyone else?
> Jerry
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