Date: Tue, 18 Oct 2005 23:04:25 +0200

Author: Urs Lauterburg

Subject: Re: Carpet in physics labs



I would never alow carpet in my demonstration and lab areas. Carpets
will make it much harder to roll carts with equipment around. Fluid
spills are difficult to clean up. Dirt and dust will sooner or later
build up even if the carpet is frequently cleaned. I would even be
against tiles. Some smooth, flat, waterproof, washable, neutrally
colored surface is the best. Also you don't want to have any door
sills so you can move rolling carts and other devices easily.



Physics demonstrator
Physikalisches Institut
University of Bern

> Has anyone had experience with carpet in their physics labs? I suppose
>that keeping it clean would be a problem and sliding chairs around would be
>too. Any other glitches with having carpet?
> My gut feeling is it would be better to stick to regular floor tile.
>Any other floor options out there? ...Doug J.
From Tue Oct 18 17:13:17 2005