Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2005 00:54:26 +0200

Author: "Simcha Segev"

Subject: RE: Rope demo question


Hi Doug,

I think that I have seen the film that you are talking about. I'll try to
search in my lab backyard "junk" to find if he still exist somewhere. If my
memory doesn't betray, It was an 8 mm Loop Ealing production.

We do a similar demo by vibrating (not pulse) two ropes with different
diameter and the same tension.

In particular frequency, depends on the length ratio, we get two different
wavelength on the combined rope.

If I'll find the film, I'll digitize him and let you know.

Regards to my friends in Pomona, Simcha

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Subject: Rope demo question

A long time ago, I saw a video tape or a film loop that had a pulsed wave on
a rope coupled to smaller diameter rope. Does anyone on Tap-L have an idea
where I can find this? The Shive wave machine set shows the same type of
thing but can't be used in this particular lecture hall. If I could find a
video tape of that, I would make one professor very happy.

Thanks for your help! ...Doug J.

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