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Chele, I have one of the pointers and over the years the distance from
the sensor now works no further than 15 feet away. Has that happened to
any of yours? And if so, any suggestions to correct the situation.
Needless to say the warranty is long past.

Thanks in advance.


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We use several Remotepoint RF pointers from Interlink Electronics. The
range is 100ft, but we found it to be more when two professors were
changing each other's power point slides next door to each other one
day. Fortunately, they are programmable to different frequencies.


On 9/8/2005 12:30 PM, Gerald Zani wrote:

> Tappers,
> What make/model wireless mouse with laser pointer (aka wireless
> presentation remote) do you use?
> Are you satisfied with it?
> I have a Kensington model 33062 RF type and I don't like it. I would
> like to get something better. The laser pointer is feeble and the
> quality of construction is poor.
> I would like to replace it with something better. Your feedback will
> be helpful. Thanks, -- JZ
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