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Can you "cheat" fluid B is actually two different fluids B1 and B2 which
are the same color but deinsity b1>density a > density b2

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> Tappers,
> I received this question and I want to ask Tappers if you do
> this demo or
> if you think it can be done:
> >Do you have a demonstration showing a fluid "A" injected from below
> >into
> >a fluid "B" and reaching neutral buoyancy at some height
> where fluid A
> >spread horizontally in Fluid B? Do you know what can I use
> to show that?
> >
> >Any tips will be appreciated!
> I don't think this can be done. Certainly a fluid can be
> made to float
> atop another fluid. But because fluids are incompressible I
> don't think
> the effect he wants is possible. Am I right?
> Something like a lava lamp effect can be made rather easily
> using solution
> of alcohol with a salt water. A higher concentration of salt
> water will
> cause the alcohol to float. But it will not rest at some lower level.
> You would need a either a fluid whose density (specific gravity) will
> change with pressure, or you will need a temperature gradient
> in the tank.
> The tank would need to be cool at the top and warm at the
> bottom and in
> this case the neutral buoyancy solution would not be in
> static equilibrium
> but would be constantly cycling up and down from the top
> (cool) to the
> bottom (warm) of the tank like a lava lamp.
> What do you think?
> Your comments please.
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