Date: Thu, 01 Sep 2005 21:14:52 -0700

Author: "Chuck Patten"

Subject: RE: Cenco microwave


Yeah they don't sound too bad. Given the age of the device have you noticed
any bulging around the ends of any of the capacitors in the circuits? Also
after the power is turned on can you see the filament glowing or
alternatively after it has been on for a while and you turn it OFF is the
base of the tube warm?


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I don't have the manual. Can you scan it and e-mail it?

The tube is a GL2C40A, just as you said.

I get anywhere from 4.4 ~ 6.6 VAC across the filament of this, and 340 ~
387 VAC from the tip to ground. Do these numbers sound reasonable?



Dale Stille wrote:

> Tappers,
> Whoa guys....the 1N23B Gunn diode is in the receiver/detector, not in
> the transmitter
> which Sammy is asking about.
> There aren't many things in that transmitter box, and if all the
> connections are good
> then its got to be the klystron tube.
> I have that as a 2C40A tube according to the manual.
> Later,
> Dale
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