Date: Mon, 23 May 2005 10:33:56 +1200

Author: Alistair Lightfoot

Subject: RE: Large Parabolic Mirrors



Both places I have taught physics in here in NZ have had one excellent
parabolic glass mirror over one metre across. They both were made in
England and came from World War II searchlights as used in the Pacific.
Would some army surplus place have suitable mirrors in the USA?


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Subject: Large Parabolic Mirrors


We are looking to purchase a pair of large (2 feet or larger) Parabolic
mirrors for demonstrations.

Q: What do you recommend?

We want to demonstrate the real image formation and also the 4B40.10,
"Light the Match" demo.

I found them at Pasco and Arbor but they may not be parabolic:

Does anyone have these mirrors?

Do you know of another supplier for reasonably priced, very large
mirrors that do not have the cost (or quality) of a premium telescope

Due for another rainy weekend here.
-- JZ

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