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Author: Gerald Zani

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Jerry D.,

We've arranged it so that the students sign out their responder from the
LIBRARY! for the semester.
I don't get involved with that.
This is important because it could create extra work for your department.

The compilation of the semesters total responses is done for the faculty as
a service by the called the Scholarly Technology Group at Brown. The
faculty does not have to do it.

I made a special cart that holds the PRS system, a laptop and a video
projector that I install and remove quickly when requested. If the faculty
needs the student responses I upload the files from the laptop to a
directory on the department server. -- JZ

At 05:08 PM 5/19/2005, you wrote:
> I've been using the EduCue system for about four years now with no
>problems. Students throw 'em, drop 'em, and mash on the buttons and I
>think I've had one of them truly fail in the four years. I've had to
>"reset" one or two of them using a reset pin in the back, but that takes
>about two minutes.
> The interface is pretty simple. It takes about ten minutes to get
>it up and going. No problems with range or reception once we solved a
>bit of confusion about two receiver interference.
> It is a one way system, so the students need to be able to see the
>summary screen to confirm their answer has been received. This is no
>problem in my 60 student classes, but I understand in large 400 student
>lecture halls, this might be a show-stopper.
> Tech-support got a little iffy when they sold the company, but it's
>still pretty good.
> The only draw back I've had is it's inability to summarize an entire
>term's worth of answers in one chart. (I'm told by the vendor that I'm
>the only guy in the history of the unit that wanted to issue points to
>the students based on a term's worth of grades. Really?) We wrote a
>small piece of software make the summary conversion.
> tom
>Dr. Tom Carter
>College of DuPage
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>Subject: SRS
> We just finished a trial semester using a student response system
>from Turning Technologies. It was difficult, to put it mildly, mostly
>because the student transmitter devices were failing in droves. Other
>parts of the system seemed to work as advertised, but by the end of the
>semester the instructors were looking for other vendors. This topic has
>been discussed a few times before so I'm hoping someone has found a
>response system that has reliable hardware, no software bugs, and is not
>maintainence nightmare. If so, would you mind sharing your experience
>again. Thanks in advance...
> Jerry DiMarco
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