Date: Thu, 07 Apr 2005 21:25:06 -0400

Author: cablem

Subject: Alligator adapters, was Re: Solder not sticking


When I inherited all my stuff, I found the system in place to be
excellent. We have ONLY banana leads...and probably 2 gross of these
alligator clip adapters.

The other things I learned about leads: It's not worth my time to make
them and only order Pamona. They're expensive, but they LAST.


On 4/7/2005 3:36 PM, Marc Kossover wrote:

>--- Steve Anderson wrote:
>>It is possible to solder them by abrading the inside
>>surface and LOTs of
>>heat, but it will not form a good connection, melts
>>the wire insulation, and
>>will most likely break off in the near future.
>Well, lots of heat, acid, and abrasion did the trick
>for now. (Thanks to everyone for the advice!) The
>insulation did melt, but once the clip got
>sufficiently hot, the solder would flow and wet it
>rather than ball up. I think that part of the problem
>was that the clips conduct heat relatively poorly so
>that my usual soldering technique would heat only a
>small portion of the clip. After holding the iron next
>to the clip long enough to make the insulation on the
>wire start to melt, then it would take the solder.
>It was a good example of the differences in
>conduction, too, as the copper wire would feel plenty
>hot, even through the insulation, before the clip was
>hot enough to take the solder.
>I think that I'll just order my next batch of
>alligator clips.
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