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Author: "Jason St. John"

Subject: Re: force between current carryin wires



If you have such stiff, easily shaped wire why not shape it into shallow
hanging "u" shapes? If they are free to pivot about their ends, as ours
are, the attractive and repulsive cases are easy to show.

I tried the railgun you mentioned, too. Here in Boston, the vertical
component of the Earth's magnetic field isn't much, and the steel rod
stands I was using, the standard 1.2m beaters, weren't smooth enough to
get a lightweight aluminum rod to start rolling. Current was about 20


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What are the details to show the force between current carrying wires.
I got one of the Jumpstart systems for a car (900A peak, 400A) 12V

What gauge wire do you use, I assume the close the wires the better. I
have some 0 Gauge Aluminum wire left from wiring my house, but it is
pretty stiff so I don't know if you will see any motion.

Secondly I saw/read somewhere that you can make a rail gun of sorts
using the earth's mag field. Two rods parallel to each other are placed
horizontally, a third rod is layed across the first two and then connect
the 2 rods to a car battery and the third rod should start to roll.
Anyone do this demo? I tried it once a long time ago but had no luck.

Thanks dave

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