Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2005 06:01:35 -0800 (PST)

Author: Marc Kossover

Subject: Reflectors for motion detectors



I know that many of you all use the Vernier (and
Pasco) Motion Detectors in class. I was having trouble
getting good reflections off of the Pasco Carts. My
first solution was placing a reflector (a piece of
cardboard) in the cart. See
However, the reflection would sometimes bounce off of
the the front of the cart and sometimes off of the
cart, causing weird jumps in the data.

I figured that the reflector would work better if it
were placed on the front of the cart, but how to make
it stay? I tried tape, but it left a mess when
removed. Rubber bands got out of alignment, and the
card would drag on the track.

The trick was taping a couple of paper clips to the
back of the card and then using the magnets built into
the carts for elastic collisions to hold on the card.

Works like a charm, and we now get super smooth data.

Marc "Zeke" Kossover
The Jewish Community High School of the Bay

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