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On a more serious note, if people are interested I could probably get a
tour or Range Creek or Nine Mile Canyon arranged before or after the
meeting in SLC. Range Creek ( I haven't been out ther myself yet) was
announced nationwide last summer, a local rancher owned Range Creek and
it is full of old Indian artifacts and dwellings, pretty much unspoiled
until it was let out of the bag last year. The rancher kept everyone
off the property for the last 50 years or so. Nine Mile Canyon is full
of Fremont and Anastazi (sp?) petroglyphs and pictographs. It is amazing
they are everywhere in that canyon. There is also the Cleveland Lloyd
Dinosaur Quarry and CEU Prehistoric Museum. We have real dinosaur bones
on display not casts.

Just so you know both of these are just outside Price which is about
2hrs from Downtown SLC. Both of these sites are within an hours drive
of CEU. Nine Mile is all day trip by the time you drive out, stop and
see the petroglyphs, drive some more see more petroglyphs etc. If we do
organized tour I could get a Dutch Oven Cook out prepared and have it up
the canyon possibly even have some local musicians perform. In the past,
an organized tour of Nine Mile has run about $30/person including

Like I said I have not been to Range Creek yet myself. It supposed to
be beautiful. Cleveland Lloyd and the College Museum could be seen in a
day including the drive to and from SLC.

If you guys are interested in me organizing something like this let me
know. A lot of the plans will easier to make before school gets out.


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Michael Timmins wrote:

>I notice it's free, do you think they originally tried to charge people
>walk through it?
Sort of like being a human chittlin. I don't think they have those in

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