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Author: Gerald Zani

Subject: Re: Flocking


I think it is the best color for this? -- JZ

At 12:02 PM 3/8/2005, you wrote:
>Dr Zaniiiiiiiiii, what colour flocking do you use? Zigiiiiiiiiiii
>Zani, Gerald wrote:
>>Jerry H.,
>>I got it from the Constantines Wood Center catalog. They sell the
>>Suede-Tex brand flock. It is the best.
>>Constantines is a catalog of supplies for wood craftsman and furniture
>>I spent all of $8.00 for a little bag of Flock about 10 years ago. I put
>>a pinch in some Castor oil and I've been showing the electric field lines
>>demo ever since. Most of the flock is still in the bag!
>>By the way two things I recommend for the electric field line demo:
>>1) Use a thick, viscous oil. For me the Castor oil has been a better
>>performer than the transformer oil.
>>2) Instead of the OHP put the thing on a light box and project it with a
>>video camera. It gives better contrast and has better resolution and
>>besides the OHP are going the way of the dinosaur and the LCD video
>>projector is winning the war of evolution by the process of natural selection.
>>Jerry give me your shipping address and I'll send you some flock. -- JZ
>>>Where do those of you who use it purchase flocking for your electric
>>>field demos?
>>>And before those with other preferences reply:
>>>Yes, I know some of you use and prefer grass seed as well as a number
>>>of other things but I am interested in obtaining some nylon or rayon
>>>flocking about 5 denier and .030" to .060".
>>>Jerry H.
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