Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2005 08:47:21 -0600

Author: "Cliff Bettis"

Subject: Re: I want to buy a Van der Graaf


When I turn on my VdG, the PRS transmitters light up and the LCD computer
monitor goes blank. I haven't had a problem with the projector or CRT
monitors in the room. Everything returns to normal after the VdG is turned


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> That's an excellent question. My big VdG has alway turned off the
> auditorium lights when it sparks. Lights on, spark, lights off, I turn
> 'em back on, spark, lights off... The lights are controlled by SCR
> dimmer packs.
> I never had a problem with any of the projectors/video switchers --
> until Tuesday! I didn't notice until the show was over, but the VdG shut
> down the video system - projectors, Crestron contoller, etc. I was a
> little scared, but unplugging the Crestron reset everything. Next time,
> I'll put a metal box over the Crestron. The A/V equipment is on a
> separate circuit and in a closet, so I think distance and shielding keep
> that equipment safe.
> And of course, don't the the wireless mic get zapped. I had an
> instructor do that once and the mic didn't like it. The mic was toast.
> Sam
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