Date: Tue, 01 Feb 2005 15:05:37 -0500

Author: "Thomas J. Bauer"

Subject: Re: Ring launcher / Thompson coil

Post: writes:
>They're cut from 2-1/4" OD 1/8" wall aluminum tubing
>(I think 6068, but don't quote me on that). I have a cast aluminum disc
>(99.999%) that really goes! If you can find sheets of five 9s aluminum,
>that's the stuff to use.

McMaster-Carr lists Alloy 1100 as having the best conductivity. It is
interesting that on the Webb page this alloy is listed as only containing
0.12% Cu but in the catalog it has 0.95%Fe-Se%, 0.05-.2% Cu, and some
other stuff. A 6"x6"x1/8" sample sheet is only $4.24 Part #88685k1. Check
out the web sight.

Tom Bauer
From Tue Feb 1 15:50:08 2005