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Author: "Starke, Cheryl"

Subject: RE: Digital Oscilloscopes


To Ron Maxell,
We are going to replace our Tektronix 2213A scopes too, but it may take
a while (probably several years). If you get rid of yours in the next
year or so, would you contact me to see if there is some way we could
purchase any 2213As which are still in good working condition?
Thanks muchly.

Cheryl Starke,
Instructional Lab Coordinator
Physics, Engineering & Geosciences Dept.
Montgomery College
51 Mannakee Street
Rockville, MD 20850
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Subject: Re: Digital Oscilloscopes

Thomas J. Bauer wrote:
> We are thinking of replacing our 60Mhz analog oscilloscopes with
> digital versions.
> We have two of the Tektronix 2002 , a TDS210 and one of the phousphor
> screen 3000 series. The 3000 series is definitely the easiest to use.
> For budget reasons we are considering the Instek 806C or the model
> 820. Has anyone used either of these?
> Thomas J Bauer
> Wellesley College
Dear All:

We are also considering replacing our Tektronix 213,2213A and
2215 Analog Oscilloscopes with Digital Scopes.

Does anyone have suggestions on what scopes to buy?

Ron Maxell
Physics Instructional Labs
University of Washington
Seattle, Washington

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