Date: Fri, 17 Dec 2004 16:37:24 -0600

Author: Thomas Huber

Subject: Re: Digital Oscilloscopes


Thomas J. Bauer wrote:

>We are thinking of replacing our 60Mhz analog oscilloscopes with digital
>We have two of the Tektronix 2002 , a TDS210 and one of the phousphor
>screen 3000 series. The 3000 series is definitely the easiest to use. For
>budget reasons we are considering the Instek 806C or the model 820. Has
>anyone used either of these?
>Thomas J Bauer
>Wellesley College
In March, we got a loaner Instek 820C scope when we were considering
different scope options; we had one Tektronix TDS2022 scopes in the
department, and we wanted to see if there were less expensive options
than the TDS2002. The Instek has a few features that were lacking on
the Tektronix TDS2022, and it was missing a few features that were on
the TDS scopes. On the whole, I had no major concerns about the scope
itself. I also strongly prefer its more conventional size over the
"tippy" thickness of the TDS series - the TDS series are so narrow that
I would be afraid that they would end up taking a nose-dive off of the
lab tables if they were in some of our labs (has anyone had experience
with the TDS series in an introductory lab?).

My concern with the Instek scope was the relatively meager software
support. With the software that came with the scope at that time, we
could only do real-time screen display (which was really quite cool) and
screen captures over the USB. Waveforms could be downloaded over the
RS-232/GPIB, but they don't end up as a file of voltage versus time, but
vertical percentage of screen versus pixel number. They had LabVIEW
drivers for LabVIEW 6 over the RS-232/GPIB, but not USB or LabVIEW 7
We decided that the lack of software support, at least at that time, was
a deal breaker. We needed scopes where we could quickly download and
store waveforms. If you are interested in these scopes, you should
check with their tech support to find out what they currently have for
software. I would be interested in what you find out

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