Date: Thu, 9 Dec 2004 12:54:42 -0700

Author: "David Kardelis"

Subject: RE: New Physics Building Visioning


I know the feeling. We just moved into a new science building a year ago. I have a 40 ft wall with no outlets. The classroom/lab was supposed to have tons of outlets. There are 3 on one wall and 3 in the floor in the center. I need to use extension cords to run labs.

They ignored everything I asked for. I literally had to go to the old building and take the shelves off the wall and rehang them in the new building because they didn't think I needed any.

You'll enjoy this one, in the chemistry labs. There are no drains in the floor for the yew-wash stations or the emergency shower. It just drains on the floor. Someone thought it would be bad if the chemicals went down a drain. Even though the Chem labs all have sinks and drains for lab.

My lab benches are all steel, specifically asked for all wood. Really messes up magnetism labs.

Good Luck, dave

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> new building design;
> I am sorry for ranting previously, it has been a hard week with finals,
> lab
> make-ups, lecture demo finalÚs, while moving out of our building, and
> finding out that all of the design features we requested have been
> "value-engineered" out of the project.
> Some positive comments;
> a. Be involved in committee work, with administrative support
> b. Establish/find out how communication with the contractors and specific
> bid items (black out curtains, big doors, cooling water, three phase) are
> translated into architect-talk.
> Steve "unhappy camper" Anderson
> CSU Sonoma

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