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Author: David Maiullo

Subject: Re: New Physics Building Visioning



Part of my check (wish) list...

Smooth tile floors/no bumps between rooms
No carpet!!!!
High ceilings/large doors between rooms
Multiple AV screens/chalkboards (so you can easily change between using
one vs another)
Easy access to gas/water/air on main demo bench/table
Multiple AV, ethernet and computer inputs/outputs on main demo bench/table
Plenty of AC power, on table, on wall, upstairs, downstairs
More AC power
If you use rolling tables (and everyone should) make height of main
bench same as tables
Lights/AV controlled by Crestron panel, which should mounted on main
demo bench/table
Multiple empty conduit in floor to main bench/to wall/to prep area,
sooner or later you'll need it
Large stage area
Catwalk above stage/access to ceiling
As much storage space as you can possibly get (you'll need more, anyway)
Large prep area
Rotating stage
Multiple independent microphones designed into AV system (at least two,
but three is best)
Run conduit for PRS system even if not using yet
If multiple floor building, easy elevator access
Easy access to loading/unloading outside to inside and vice/versa
Designing in a security system is important
Distance learning options (in and out)
Ability to (completely) darken room

All I can brainstorm right now.


Rick Tarara wrote:

> One thing I would suggest is that you should NOT limit the pedagogy
> with the building. That is, you need a variety of rooms, some very
> flexible, in order to accommodate a variety of teaching approaches.
> One example: I teach our Calc level Intro course which is small (6-12
> students). I do so using 4-75 minute periods each week. Labs are
> totally integrated--that is, they happen exactly when they need to
> happen. To accommodate that, the class meets IN one of our two
> physics labs. In order to make the lab room work as a classroom, it
> is equipped with white boards and a projection screen (and we can roll
> in computer projection equipment). The room is equipped with lab
> TABLES (not benches) and is also outfitted with semi-comfortable
> chairs, rather than grossly uncomfortable lab stools. It all works
> quite well.
> While your numbers certainly dictate some large classrooms on which
> you will tend to focus, don't gloss over the design of the small ones
> where much of the upper level instruction takes place.
> Rick
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> Subject: New Physics Building Visioning
>> Hi Tappers,
>> Our department just begun a visioning process with architects for a
>> new Physics Building, and I am
>> looking for ideas (dreams!) regarding the lecture theaters, demo
>> facilities and the student labs (we have about
>> 1400 - 1500 students each semester) that may be incorporated into the
>> design.
>> Some ideas we have include back corridor acces to labs, storage in
>> central location (we currently have
>> storage in the labs); large central lecture demo prep area....
>> What would you dream/want if you were designing your faciltiles from
>> scratch?
>> terry
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