Date: Wed, 8 Dec 2004 00:38:23 +0200

Author: "Simcha Segev"

Subject: RE: Photo contest


Liebe Urs,

No, I didn't take the picture !!! I got it from a friend that receive it
from....... I already wrote it to the list.

As Sammy wrote, "Yeah, it's a Photoshop piece, and a good one too."
Anyway I also think that it as a nice photo.

I'll repeat part of my last email for you. Maybe you can help to find the
"source" of that photo.

" If you'll notice, the icon in the upper right side of the picture is "vu
sur" It's a French site that have lots of
interesting images, photos etc. I browse some of the images and it might be
computer editing pictures. (Photoshop).

I'm sure that the French speaking people (maybe Urs) will find more
information about the photo. "

See you, Simcha

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Did you take that picture yourself? It is a very nice one but if you have
note really taken it from a real situation I would not be sure if this
isn't something enhanced by Adobe Photoshop.

Maybe you can confirm



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>Hi all,
>I got a very nice picture and I thought that you might enjoy it also.
>Regards, Simcha
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