Date: Fri, 05 Nov 2004 00:16:28 -0500

Author: sampere

Subject: Re: frustration with Pasco


Dear Aaron,

tap-l is a great place to air your complaints for numerous reasons.

1. They're listening. In addition to Pasco, you'll find that Arbor
and I think Vernier lurk. They lurk because they learn how to make
their business better, whether those ideas regard customer support, tech
support, or new and innovative ideas.

2. If you have a bad experience with particular equipment, I want to
know before I go buy 10 copies. We learn from each other on this list.

3. You already learned another reason why piping up on this list is
helpful. Wasn't it better to rant on this than to just sit in your
office and stew about it? Had you just called Pasco, they would have
tried to make an angry customer happy, but you probably wouldn't want to
hear it, and shrug off their genuine gestures as sales talk. Then you'd
never do business with a company that really does make some good stuff,
and that just hurts your students.

4. In the not so recent past, we've aired complaints about 2 other
equipment suppliers. I don't remember reading overwhelming positive
response like you saw with respect to your Pasco gripe. What do we all
learn from this?

Glad you had a change of heart as a result of airing your complaints.

(a loyal but critical Pasco, Vernier, Arbor, and many other vendors

Aaron Titus wrote:

> I'm thrilled to hear all the positive feedback about Pasco. Thanks for
> the encouragement to stick with it. This was the first time I ordered
> anything from Pasco. After a few phone calls asking about prices,
> models, equipment, functionality, etc. I was extremely disappointed.
> Then, after the big delay on the order, getting different information
> about backordered parts each time I called, I was ready to cancel my
> order and try Plan B.
> Thanks again for all the positive comments. I'll stick with it. And I
> apologize to Pasco for airing my complaints publicly. I didn't realize
> that they lurked on the list, and I was just looking to hear about
> others' experiences so that I could put my own experience in perspective.
> Thanks again!
> Aaron
> On Nov 4, 2004, at 2:24 PM, John Welch wrote:
>> I used to be kind of anti-Pasco because I wasn't thrilled with the
>> style of
>> their equipment, which tends to be black-boxy, and usually only fits
>> with
>> their equipment, rather than being adaptable to varied uses. BUT, as
>> I have
>> worked with them over the last couple of years, they have become my
>> favorite
>> supplier because of their excellent customer service and tech
>> support. When
>> I call Pasco, I get a real person who is almost always very helpful. I'm
>> always calling them with emergency questions in the middle of lab,
>> and they
>> solve my problems right then- not "well get back to you later". If I
>> find
>> some problem with their equipment or I have suggestions for
>> improvements,
>> I'm always amazed at how responsive they are.
>> A few weeks ago, I started a thread on Tap-l about Pasco's parallel
>> plate
>> capacitor demo, saying that I didn't think they were very useful, and
>> I cc'd
>> my message to Pasco. Someone from their tech support dept. spent a
>> lot of
>> time researching the problem and trying to come up with interesting labs
>> based on this equipment. They sent me improved test leads for the
>> apparatus
>> free of charge. I still don't think the apparatus is very useful, but
>> they
>> sure tried hard. (If anyone is interested in what they came up with,
>> let me
>> know.)
>> They have sent me samples of equipment to try out before I buy large
>> quantities. It might help that we buy a lot of stuff from them, but I
>> have a
>> great relationship with them - they seem like real people in a world too
>> full of robots.
>> -John
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>> From: "Aaron Titus"
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>> Sent: Thursday, November 04, 2004 8:25 AM
>> Subject: frustration with Pasco
>>> A month ago I ordered our first set of cart tracks and carts from
>>> Pasco. I've been extremely frustrated with them. After a month, I still
>>> haven't received the order and will not receive it until at least the
>>> end of November because of a back order on the tracks. The last time I
>>> called, they told me nothing of a back order on the tracks but instead
>>> told me that it was due to a back order on a fan cart accessory. I was
>>> already frustrated with their customer service when I first placed the
>>> order because they were not giving me advice on what equipment I should
>>> purchase considering my limited budget. I would usually get yes or no
>>> answers with no additional information. Now, not getting the equipment
>>> I ordered has added more frustration.
>>> Just about everyone I know uses Pasco's cart tracks and carts. Are
>>> there other companies that sell comparable tracks and carts? If so,
>>> I'll definitely look into alternatives. Pasco has really left me with a
>>> negative experience.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Aaron
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