Date: Sat, 20 Nov 2004 14:18:54 -0500

Author: "Michael A. McFarland"

Subject: Re: Springs


Hi Rick,

We bought some nice 30-cm-long with a weak spring
constant from Hoosier Spring. Hoosier Spring has made
a number of sets of springs for us during the last 15
years. We have been very happy with the springs.
Rick, (574) 631-7057 is Hoosier Spring's phone number.


Quoting Rick Tarara :

> Every year at this time I hope (always in vain) that somewhere there are
> springs for sale similar to those that Physics Apparatus Research, Inc
> (matched spring set M109) produced many years ago. A Google search gets
> only three hits on the company--and two of those are PIRA sites talking
> about the old springs.
> These are 5 different 30 cm long springs (colored red, white, blue, green,
> yellow but otherwise looking identical) with spring constants from 25-50
> N/m. One of our 8 sets walked a while back, and 25+ years of use are
> starting to show (although the springs themselves are fine--even with us
> stretching them with up to 15 N of force.)
> Clearly the company is gone--but is there any chance that some other company
> picked up this item--or something close. Past years requests haven't come
> up with anything too close...but let's try again. ;-)
> Rick
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