Date: Fri, 19 Nov 2004 08:28:45 -0800

Author: Bill Alexander

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I do not have a vacuum bazooka, so perhaps my input should be valued by its
price. However, if I had one, I would mound a vacuum gauge either on the
side or on the pump hose. I have one on my pump, and it really makes a
difference w/ the penney feather and some other demos. It doesn't have to
be a very good one, McMaster Carr sells them for less than $20. Also, if I
was going on the road, I would probably have more than one barrel, so I
could use a clean one each time. And make a pig that was a little larger
than the ball, so I could drop it through to check for clearance.

Just my $.02.


>Thanks everyone. I am looking for better than 99.5% success. I give the
>big buildup put on the ear protection, poke the hole and instead of the big
>bang and the can getting ripped to shreds, it goes phhhttt. Makes me look
>I have tried all of the different seal materials. While testing a heavy
>packing material and testing for leaks, the material failed while my hand
>was in front of the muzzle. The ball hitting my hand was like hitting it
>with a hammer. The ball split apart scratching and bruising my hand in
>several places and smashing a finger nail.
>If the pump is sufficient to work 80%, it should work 100% so I am ruling
>out the pump. Since I often must reload for a second show I have a concern
>about bits of tape being carried down the pipe. To make that less of a
>problem, I have been placing a small piece of paper towel on the sticky
>part of the tape so there is less chance of tape sticking inside the
>pipe. When I am through for the day, I swab the inside of the pipe with
>alcohol and spray WD 40 in the pipe and swab it out again with a clean
>swab. I'll try a single 5 foot length but I want lots of noise and
>destruction, two elements of a successful road demo.

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