Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2004 08:14:08 -0500

Author: David Willey

Subject: Re: Vacuum Bazooka


Greetings all,
I'm still trying to optimize my vacuum bazooka. I remember there was
mention of the optimum length for getting the greatest speed, could
someone please tell me what that was? Also, when you set up the cans,
what space do you leave between them, if any, and do you put any weights
on top? Thanks for any help that's offered,

Eric Ayars wrote:

> I suspect that it's not the can setup that's causing your problem,
> because 370 mph is on the low side. I typically measure the ball speed
> as being between 400 and 550 mph. That's with a 1.8m barrel and Al
> foil on the ends rather than tape. (My results with tape are generally
> slower.)
> I don't use a can holder --- I just set the cans in a line in front of
> the cannon.

From Thu Nov 18 09:08:51 2004