Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2004 12:38:31 -0600 (CST)

Author: Dale Stille

Subject: Re: making holograms



For those of you who don't know.....the holograms made with the kit that
Sammy is getting has "Instant" holographic film. No chemicals and it
develops in much the same way as a polaroid film. Expose it and wait for
you hologram to appear. I'm waiting for Sammy's review to see how good it
is, but the advertisement is that 1 hour after you open the kit you should
be looking at your first hologram.

Dale Stille
U of Iowa

On Wed, 17 Nov 2004, sampere wrote:

> This topic comes up every year, but I don't remember if this product
> ever came up. Check out:
> I just ordered one. I'll let you know how it came out.
> Sam
From Wed Nov 17 23:13:51 2004