Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2004 06:01:29 -0000

Author: "Robert T McQuaid"

Subject: Hologram of Einstein


October 11, 2004

Richard Berg

Subject: Hologram of Einstein

You wrote:

> Does anyone know if a 360-degree multiplex hologram of
> Einstein is available anywhere?
> If it is not: The folks who I visited in Taiwan last
> summer would like to make one for their traveling demo
> show associated with the Year of Physics. What I am
> suggetsing to them is that they obtain and send to the
> manufacturer either a bust of Einstein or a small statue
> of Einstein seated. Does anyone know where to get this
> sort of statuary? Might anyone else out there be
> interested in such a hologram. If they actually make
> it, I am hoping that it will be appropriate for use in
> the same rotating display units manufactured by The
> Multiplex Corporation.
> Comments?
> Dick


There are lots of photographs of Albert Einstein, most
taken in the 1950's, when he was a celebrity. But
Einstein did the work that made him famous a half
century earlier. Since holography did not exist in
Einstein's time, any hologram will have to be
synthesized somehow from other materials, as you
suggested. Could you consider using the young Einstein
instead of the old Einstein as the model?

Robert T McQuaid
Orangeville Ontario Canada

From Tue Oct 12 02:47:32 2004