Date: Wed, 06 Oct 2004 14:44:14 -0500

Author: A Gavrin

Subject: Re: Slit and Slat on OHP Photo


Doug (or anyone else who does this demo) -

Could you try cutting out a classic jack o' lantern face and using that
with the demo?

Doug Johnson wrote:

>The other day I was showing our janitor the slit, then the slat, and the
>combination of both on the overhead projector(with a Project Star
>diffraction grating attached) and he made a funny comment.. It looked to
>him with the both combined, to look like a high tech Jack o' Lantern ..
>So, thanks to Chele for posting this on the web and our janitor Randy for
>his keen observation, I thought I would share the photo with all of you on
>Tap-L. It may be a great addition to a Halloween demo show.. ....Doug
>The url is:

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