Date: Mon, 04 Oct 2004 15:47:43 -0400

Author: Andrew Graham

Subject: Re: Edward Tufte books


Eric Ayars wrote:

> Yeah, "PowerPoint makes you dumb" is a good summary.
> Tufte writes some good stuff. His classic is "The Visual Display of
> Quantitative Information", which is a must-have for anyone who
> produces informational graphics. Gorgeous book, extremely
> well-written, and much more interesting than the title would suggest.
> Search Amazon for "Tufte": it's the first title listed and worth every
> cent of the $34.80

> Dr. Eric Ayars
> Assistant Professor of Physics
> California State University, Chico
Hi Eric,

You might want to check out I love this website! It's
the central website for lots of bookstores from all over the world. The
book you reference at comes up in 12 places for under
$30.00. The cheapest is $23.00. (It is important to read the
bookseller's description carefully).

andy graham
From Mon Oct 4 15:46:06 2004