Date: Mon, 4 Oct 2004 11:43:01 -0700

Author: Bill Alexander

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In a pinch, I have also made my own stopper drills, using that brass tubing
they have at most hardware stores, and using a counter sink drill to make
the edge sharp (keeping the outside diameter constant). Rubbing some
glycerine on the drill before using it also makes it go in more easily.

>I have a special tool that I use for making holes in stoppers. It is a set
>of hollow steel tubes with sharpened ends.
>It works great. I have had very poor results with drills.
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>> Folks,
>> I'm headed to our student shop to try to drill a hole in a
>> rubber stopper (I'm making a variation of Mariotte's flask,
>> thank you Andy Graham for the reminder). I want a 5/16" diameter
>> hole.
>> I'm not optimistic about my chances of success.
>> MIT has some suggestions:
>> So I'm going to start with a small drill and work my way up.
>> If anyone has other useful advice, please don't hesistate to write.
>> Regards to all,
>> Steve W.
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